Shared lives c2c

the story of the drover project

August 2009 to June 2010

it’s been good experience and learning new skills, and made news friend’s.. And we are still in touch to each other we keep in contact by face book and my confidence is building up.. My life change it’s been a good year around am please about… My confidence build up fast, and also am out every night and day.. Am doing lot more I use to now.

2016 to 2017, we have done my presentation with ldwales. My confidence was good. Been asked to another on 23 January 2017.


Conference 2016

Holle  and welcome, this year with learning disability wales we are doing presentations. We talk talk about shared lives. We got best team in wales.. Shared lives plus have’t don’t any think like this before. We are doing best of Wales go been in 2016, I would like do more like this in my planner.

Shared live change my life up side down.

It’s been a good year around am doing lot more I use to been doing before, on my first week on Wednesday am sit on consutatvie group and 2 Wednesday we got your meeting…I am the chairperson for your meeting, am also part of Carmarthenshire people first too. I help out there. Every month on a Thursday I gone to Swansea and I made couple of friends there.. I like gone there and see my friends, on Monday and Thursday  I gone to day services, on Tuesday I gone to English and maths classes, Tuesday evening I gone to gateway. On Wednesday evening I gone to youth club ( the mix )Monday and Friday even I going training for special olympics, am traninig for basketball team

My life with shared lives.

My live has been change my shared lives….am still on consultative group I was chose to sit on the doing lot more I was doing. Last year October I was in London with shared live plus. It’s been a good year for me.. We are just wait to hug over the Carmarthenshire people first, we are hoping to getting your office space..

This year conference we are doing prentestions about shared lives..